HOW TO BE HAPPY “Non Consumption”

HOW TO BE HAPPY “Non Consumption”

In view of how we have collectively been reducing our planet to an almost virtually dead zone, it is proper to approach the subject of consumption from an unspoken direction. The fact that we operate in a world where everything is disposable and meant to break down and be replaced quickly affects us in more ways than we suspect possible. One of the things we have forgotten about is the poli or multi functional dimension things may provide, one thing covering as many needs as it can. The other is we have forgotten about quality.

Quality is in a way the opposite of consumption since compulsive consumption requires not only that we submit to the idea of never enough, but also to the rush of we need everything by yesterday. This combination, the never enough, plus the rush “not enough time”, sets up the foundations for a decline on quality which requires ripeness and maturity. Now that the syndrome has set in its roots, it is translating its mechanics to all aspects of life, including our relationships.

People are now days disposable. We no longer look for meaningful relationships but only for ships that sink fast. Quality has been replaced by quantity. Quantity is a poor ally in many matters. We don’t really gain full satisfaction from having thousands of virtual friends, most of whom we know little or nothing about, but a single good “Quality” friend may provide the connection and emotional support thousands cannot.

You know a person of value in your life when it matters whether they are around or not. When you are not indifferent to what happens to them. When you are able to share conversations and silence in equal terms. When it does not matter how long it has been since you have last seen each other, the reunion is always fresh and the feeling alive.

Also, if your time, attention and energies are dispersed in maintaining the cycles of consumption, there is little left for anything else. So, if you would like a meaningful relation with say a man or a woman, it would be detrimental to be going out with a lot of other people “in the meantime” or until the “right one comes along” since all of your resources are already taking up. Then, the idea would be to create space, time, make energy available and shift out attention to what we really would like in our lives. This is part of the formula on how to be happy.

How do we do this then? Just by stopping. Simply by not consuming we do the trick, that is all….

Consuming takes energy. Quality also takes energy, only a lot less for a much bigger reward. Invest your resources wisely “time, attention, energy, effort”.

For Quality,

Inti Waman

Turtle Breath for Conscious Living

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