What is Turtle Breath?

Turtle Breath is a guide to conscious living where information and practices are shared to help lead an ever more aware lifestyle. As such, we have intended to make every single act a conscious one including the very reading you will be doing while browsing the contents of this site. Turtle Breath will aide you and allow you to be present in the midst of everyday acts, relaxing the noise of the mind so that information can more readily be absorbed. The method by which we propose to achieve this task is simple and clear but with profound effects. Make sure to check out the Turtle Breath Practice.

Our Purpose is to Practice. Share. Contribute.

Our Goal is to turn everything we do in our everyday lives into a process full of intent.

In Taoism, meditation is used to unite intention with breath. Turtle breathing is a meditation technique that originated from Taoism, which is the separation between the inner and outer world. This form is named after the way a turtle breathes when it is in its shell. In essence, turtle breathing is when your breath becomes so light through exercises that it becomes almost nonexistent. By uniting intent with breath, your mind becomes still, and your focus is no longer towards objects in the physical world, but instead toward purpose.

Hope you enjoy the content of this site and see a chance for something new in your life.

Our Team

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