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How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle “Tiny Living”

How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle “Tiny Living”

The following is a great example of how one can live a more sustainable lifestyle. This video brings to us the less is more principle. We at Turtle Breath hope you get inspired just as we have to chip in your little bit of creative juice towards a more harmonious and balance way of being. Also, this is the first of many more to come videos of this nature.

Tiny is Huge!


Turtle Breath for Conscious Living

How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle “Quitting Money”

How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle¬†“Suelo: The Man Who Quit Money”

To live and follow a sustainable lifestyle it takes above all courage. Our inherit nature still pushes however faintly within ourselves in a healing and harmonious direction. This story is a simple and profound one, full of unknown to the brim. Suelo, the main character in this tale, is a “normal and caring” being just like the rest of us. He shows us through his doings and not doings the ways of our ancestor, the long forgotten wisdom of living in line with the whole.

The art of living sustainably comes to us by recognizing the simple facts and implementing into our life the truths of the natural ways. Suelo in his own way becomes the archetypal hero and like the mythical heroes of old embraces the odds to regain his rightful place.

PS: The Word Suelo, comes from Spanish which means soil, floor and that which we walk upon…. “Down to Earth?….

Live Fully!

Inti Waman

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